September 11, 2015


Those I keep close all have one very important thing in common, the push me to become a better version of self - mentally, emotionally, physically. They take me one step higher when I am up, dig me out of the trenches when I am low, challenge, motivate, empower and inspire me on a regular basis and not only provide a safe place to land, but also a reason to jump. With that, when @cperez_1 decided to do a 30 day habit clean up of her own it is no surprise I jumped on board. 

I eat "clean" 85% of the week. I also have a very warm place in my heart for pizza, Mexican food and a really good jalapeño margarita so pushing that 85% to a strong 92% was a struggle but not out of reach. I motivate and push people towards a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis and do a good job of keeping myself in check but that does not mean I do not need motivation of my own. Many of us believe we can do it all on our own, all the time. But it is when you look beyond yourself, let the good ones in in whatever way possible that you can truly take it to the next level. Being able to ask and receive help and guidance with an increased level of vulnerability among those you trust is pure gold. I haven't felt this strong or healthy in a very long time. My body fat is down another 1.5% and my weight is exactly where I want it. Not only do I have my #wcw to thank but I am also grateful for the ability to step outside of my "I don't need help I can do it myself when I move it takes me 4829274828 days because I don't ask for help" comfort zone. Surround yourself and hold on to who radiate positivity, good energy, drive, focus, passion and commitment and you will always find yourself jumping that much higher. Remember, life is not about being better than someone else, it is about being better than you used to be. 

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