October 8, 2015


I was just asked a question I am asked quite often.."What are you training for?" My answer has always remained the same - I am training for life. 


I train to carry groceries up the stairs without getting tired, to help my friends move, to be stronger than yesterday, to be a better teammate, to chase a subway from leaving the platform without me, to build a stronger heart, for willpower, to lead by example, to be a source of strength to those who are feeling weak, to be able to chase my kids around a playground when I'm old, to climb mountains, to help strangers carry their strollers up the subway stairs, for discipline, for self confidence, for my mind, for my family and loved ones, to inspire, to empower the girls I coach to want to be strong, for my clients, for my career, for my health, to feel good, to be strong, because I can. 
I train for ME, I train for LIFE.

What do you train for?

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