May 14, 2016

When I was in high school I had one dress and it was pink. I wore it to prom and I also wore it to homecoming. I won most athletic and homecoming in the same year which I think some people, even myself, had a hard time understanding. There is one person in particular who did and I can still hear him clearly today. A note and also a comment went through school that week, "I didn't know there could be two Kings." He was referencing me winning homecoming- as a bit more "masculine" or too much of a tomboy- as the other "King." I still remember crying in the Principals office that Friday morning searching for some kind of explanation. I wasn't just hurt, I was crushed. Most of us have experienced the ups and downs of high school- emotions soar all over the place so you can understand my self-confidence at that point in general was little to none. I already had this complex that no one found me attractive and I was always just one of the boys. I share this because to this day, I cannot put on this color and not smile. Smile that one boy, chose me as his target- to make me question myself, my image, what I stood for. That comment could have crushed me for good. At that point, I could have just gave up my athleticism or my natural tomboy demeanor just to fulfill some bucket. A bucket far from my true self. Instead I took steps the other direction, the direction towards authenticity. I began to love my "big shoulders" or that I could probably light him up on the basketball court. I made an honest and true promise to live authentically, to live true to who I am and who I want to be while striving to be a good person. So when I put on pink shoes, a pink sports bra or hell a pink dress. Just know it comes with a story. A story that made me truly realize that the most beautiful thing any one person can be, is themselves. I promise you, if you live true to your own heart and not fulfill the needs or expectations of others, your light will shine in the brightest of ways. Thank you @adidaswomen for opening doors filled with opportunity, believing in my character and seeing me for exactly who I am. What is your color? ✌️

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